Panning with ultra-wide @Sinaia

Sunday I went outside Bucharest, with a couple of friends to a rally event, The Sinaia Trophy. In a small mountain city, just a couple of hours away, by train. The change of scenery sounded like fun, and I thought that I might as well take some pictures. First I thought to pack the 5d Mark … Continue reading Panning with ultra-wide @Sinaia


Working hard. Failing harder.

  Oh well...I guess it's time. I kept on thinking about what, how, or, more important, why should I write about this. Even if more than two weeks have passed since the XMan Romania event (the Romanian version of the IronMan, 3.800m swimming, 180km biking, and 42.2 km running) it affects me more than any … Continue reading Working hard. Failing harder.