For a couple of minutes, I had absolutely no idea how to entitle this post.

Freelancer’s hell

This morning I wanted to call in sick…but oh wait…I don’t have “a job”, (not a real one I think, or what many others consider a job) and thankfully I don’t have to have one for a while. But, nevertheless, I still wanted to call in sick. I woke up sneezing, with a bad headache, and my nose…well…I can say now that Rudolph (the reindeer) and me have one thing in common.

After snoozing for a while, I managed to wake up and do what I’m doing every morning before I start “my thing”, prepared a big bowl of coffee, cleaned the room, read my emails, and checked the agenda. Only two items were noted for today. A Kaleidoscope post, which I wrote while sipping from my black coffee, and going to my hometown by bike, a 130 km ride on an old bike. This second item, as much fun as it sounds, has to wait a couple of days.

Even sick as I am right now, with this pain-in-the-ass-flu, I’m not comfortable at the thought that I would lose one day without doing anything.

American History X

After completing writting on the other blog, I had lunch and crashed on the bed watching American History X. Yeah, when nothing from 2015 looks interesting enough 1998 sounds like a good year. To be honest I hoped to fall asleep, but the movie kept me awake all the way through. ’98 was a good year.

About 2 PM. No training for the day, I completed the single “scheduled task” in today’s agenda, now I was ready to do some serious work on the start-up I’m thinking about for a couple of months.

Do whatever you know less about…the last

In other words, I didn’t work on my precious start-up. Even though the designs reiterated itself in my head a couple of times, new ideas have been written in various places, I felt today is not the day.

Instead of that, I found it useful to do something that would help me in a collateral way. After days spent on social networks, tweaking accounts, and being careful that everything is in order, it was finally the time to create my photography portfolio. The start-up could wait one more day. I had nothing else to do the whole day, enough food and water to stay inside throughout the day, so I rolled up my sleeves and started googling.

I already bought some time ago the domain name I’ve always wanted (tryingtodoart.com), and I used it until now just to redirect to the blog I had on Blogger and more recently to this one on WordPress.

After prospecting several portfolio platforms (this PetaPixel post has been useful), it took me about one hour to choose a 14 days trial. After a couple of hours spent playing with the design customization, uploaded some test pictures, and shortly I felt quite comfortable with the whole interface of the platform and decided to stay with it.

2012-2014…bad years 

Customizing the layout was one thing, but choosing the pictures? Oh boy. I wrote a while ago about the pictures that pile up on some of our hard drives, the ones that maybe, just maybe, someday will be seen in a totally different light, or hopefully with a different pair of eyes.

When I looked at them from the perspective of remembering some things it was alright. Nostalgia warmed me up a bit back then, but now, when I had to select pictures to put in a portfolio, I felt hopeless.

In the end, I managed to get to a result I’m happy with. It took some re-editing, and I still have to add a lot of pictures, mostly from 2015, but now I am accepting that from my first 2 years in photography there isn’t that much to show, except the learning curve. But the thought to have some good quality nice show-off pictures to put in a portfolio puts everything in perspective, especially when you post-process the RAW material.

The result 

After more than half a day, a roll of paper towels, and a lot of sneezing under the desk, and even if it’s still work in progress, I’m presenting you: Tryingtodoart Portfolio



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