Failed Photowalk #1


Failed Photowalk #1

23rd February 2016

Lately, I’ve been focusing too much on the material I already have, because…well actually I don’t know how this should work exactly, but basically I am trying to curate the pictures that I already took since I’ve started. Since then the way I edit my pictures changed, taste, and I think now I should be better qualify to throw some stones at some pictures clicked by the younger version of me. Probably an even newer (in fact older, quite a paradox) will throw some stone at the pictures I took today and so on.

Hopefully, some small pieces of art here and there will survive this curation process. I am not that harsh yet, and I can still remember the moments of almost each picture. After deleting a whole bunch of pictures, once in a while, I stumble across one or two that even though I know I won’t use them for anything, I just can’t delete them, even if they are very shitty.

Anyway, scrolling through the Fb news feed, I found out that Romania is nicely represented in the Sony World Photography Awards shortlist, this time by four photographers. But this is not the topic this was just the trigger. I won’t write about this, posts on 4 different news blogs/websites I think covered well enough this remarkable event for Romanian Photography, but if you want to read more about this, ” X ” marks the spot.-> X

Seeing how good photography is doing this year, and after spending most of the day post-processing pictures, watching tutorials on various topics, reading Andreas Feininger and writing two blog posts on my other blog, I snapped and decided to grab the 600D with the 24mm f:2.8, and go for a walk in the city centre which, lucky enough that it’s very close.

Went around for about two hours, on the boulevards, in the old city centre, tried to find some good spots, some nice lighting, the temperature outside was warmer than the previous days, put my headphones on (the canon 600d shutter is quite noisy and it has been a while since I did a photowalk alone and I feel more comfortable when I don’t hear the shutter as much).

Even so, with the 24mm on the 600d (crop 1.6x), I kind of avoided getting very close to people. Being in the evening, the light was quite a luxury, so candid street portraits were out of the question. Better said, getting too close to people in the evening was out of the question, at least from my point of view, so I focused on buildings, geometry, scenery, streets, worked with streetlights, the full moon and stuff like that.

Below you have the result of tonight’s failed photowalk, not the first one for sure, but the first one I write about, others will follow that’s for sure. Some street photographies, from the city I live in, Bucharest:



A failed photowalk, nothing more than just a photowalk without getting THE ONE.




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